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Postnatal and Neonatal Care Services London

Professor Eugene is a private pregnancy care specialist with a fully equipped clinic and experienced staff. You can avail a full range of pregnancy care services by opting for his pregnancy clinic in London.

Whether you’re looking for a full pre-conception assessment, scans for each trimester, or a full pregnancy package with antenatal and postnatal care, we’ve got you covered. Book an appointment now with Professor Eugene, and let us discuss your case and needs.

Neonatal Services

We have a team of capable neonatologists ready to provide highly specialised infant care following your delivery. From newborn nursery services to examinations and intensive care, we offer a full range of neonatal services to ensure your baby is in excellent health.

Postnatal Consultation & Care

Discovering from delivery can take months, depending on your condition and delivery type (vaginal, C-section, etc.). Professor Eugene can set you on a path to improved health with exceptional postnatal consultation and care services following your delivery and discharge from the clinic.

Midwifery Services

At Professor Eugene’s pregnancy clinic in London, we have a team of experienced midwives to support you with everything, from learning breastfeeding techniques to checking on your baby. They will also take your temperature, pulse, and blood pressure and report any issues to Professor Eugene.

Routine Postnatal Checks

You can book an appointment with Professor Eugene for postnatal check-ups to track your recovery. A postnatal check can help sort out any potential problems, including abdominal pain, baby blues, breastfeeding issues, constipation, and hormonal shifts, to name a few.

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Professor Eugene?

Postpartum recovery is a long and complex process. By opting for Professor Eugene’s pregnancy care package, you can accelerate your recovery with exceptional postnatal care services. Here’s why you should choose Professor Eugene as your private gynaecologist and obstetrician:

Fully-stocked and equipped clinic with well-trained staff
Regular postnatal scans and check-ups
24/7 support from experienced midwives
Expert neonatologists available to monitor your child’s health
Regular postnatal consultation sessions with Professor Eugene
Treatments for postnatal complications

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    About Us

    Professor Eugene and his team offers comprehensive private antenatal, delivery and postnatal care as part of The Westminster Suite at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital and Portland Hospital in London. We provide you with quality and affordable service from pregnancy to safe delivery.

    Our Locations

    St. Thomas’ Hospital
    Westminister Maternity Suite
    12th Floor, North Wing,
    St Thomas’ Hospital,
    Westminster Bridge Road
    London SE1 7EH

    Portland Hospital
    205-209 Great Portland Street
    W1W 5AH

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    Copyright Dr Eugene Oteng-Ntim. All rights reserved.

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