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Professor Eugene is a highly-experienced London-based Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
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Pregnancy Care Services

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care

Professor Eugene’s private pregnancy hospital in London is at your service at any stage of your child’s development.
Delivery Services

Delivery Services

We offer multiple delivery options, including normal/assisted delivery or caesarean section.

Professor Eugene’s Team is At Your Service
Personalised Obstetric & Postnatal Care



We have skilled neonatologists, midwives, and other recovery experts.


Our team offers solid pregnancy advice for dads and moms at every stage of their child’s development.

Dr Eugene was highly supportive of both my wife and I, throughout the entire pregnancy.

Dr Eugene was just the best! I don’t have words to describe how satisfied I am. From day 1 till birth, he was reassuring, always replied my texts and worries. He’s also truly such a kind man with the sweetest spirit.

Prof Oteng-Ntim is one of the best doctors I’ve ever encountered. He was professional, always following up on my progress and had sound clinical acumen.

Dr Eugene is very professional, calm, patient and takes time to explain situations about your health to you. He is a great consultant and I would recommend him.

Perfect in every way. In particular recommend if planned c-section, no one can believe how small the scar is!

It’s so lucky to have Dr Eugene as my doctor. He is so professional and care about the patient. Once you need him, he is always there to help. I have very good experience to delivery my two babies under his help. He is the best!! Highly recommend!!!

Excellent doctor, really cares for his patients and great skills as a surgeon, I had an emergency c-section and after 6 weeks I can barely see the scar.

Dr Eugene was so welcoming from the start of our treatment. I was a first time Mum and did not know what to expect. Dr Eugene explained every step of care and when things did not quite go to plan, he was reassuring and looked after me until our very successful delivery.

Dr Eugene went above and beyond during both my pregnancies. He was incredibly calming, thoughtful and inspired confidence, his knowledge is second to none. He has a real passion for what he does and it really shows!

Dr Eugene Oteng Ntim deserves the highest possible praise. We transferred to his care very late in my pregnancy due to some complications (major placenta previa) and from the moment we met him we immediately felt at ease, safe and confident in his care. We are so glad that we chose Professor Oteng, we are so grateful to him and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking the highest standard of care in Central London.

Dr Oteng-Ntim followed me through previous miscarriages and both my successful pregnancies. He provided me with amazing care during both pregnancies, was always available for any emergency or to offer advice. He is a highly professional, reliable and competent doctor and we are very grateful for all his assistance in safely bringing our sons into this world. Thank you for everything.

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Let Us Ease Your Journey to Parenthood


Welcome to Professor Eugene Oteng-Ntim’s specialized care for expectant mothers in London. With a profound commitment to maternal well-being, Professor Oteng-Ntim oversees a maternity clinic and hospital dedicated to providing comprehensive pregnancy care.

At our state-of-the-art maternity hospital, expectant mothers receive personalized attention and support throughout their journey. From routine check-ups to advanced medical interventions, our team ensures the highest standards of care for both mother and baby.

Professor Oteng-Ntim’s Pregnancy Clinic offers specialized services tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. Whether it’s prenatal care, childbirth preparation, or postpartum support, we prioritize the health and comfort of our patients every step of the way.

Experience professional care in our private maternity hospital in London under the guidance of Professor Eugene Oteng-Ntim. Trust in our expertise and compassionate approach to maternal health, where every mother receives the care and attention she deserves.


At Professor Eugene Oteng-Ntim’s maternity clinic, we offer a complete pregnancy care package with top-shelf obstetrics and gynaecology services in London:



Are you expecting a baby? Book an appointment, and let us provide you with exceptional antenatal care throughout your journey



Professor Eugene and his team are at your service to provide vaginal delivery, assisted vaginal delivery, and C-section procedures.



Let our experts take care of you and your baby while you recover after delivery and plan for any further examinations and/or treatments.

Use our pregnancy calculator to calculate your due date based on your last period.
Track your child’s development and write about your appointments, potential names, etc.
Pregnancy care can be challenging for dads. Professor Eugene can offer proper guidance at each step.

Professor Eugene Oteng-Ntim
Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Each pregnancy, each delivery has it own history and it own story, mystery and miracle.

Healthy babies delivered
Years of high-quality private pregnancy care services
Certified and registered with the General Medical Council UK

Why Opt For
Professor Eugene’s Private Pregnancy Clinic in London?

At Professor Eugene’s clinic, your maternity is our priority. Here’s why you should opt for our services

1.Highly skilled and compassionate specialists

2.Consultant-led maternity services

3.Complete pregnancy care package

4.Round-the-clock support from experienced midwives

5.Over three decades of gynaecology and obstetrics experience

6.Services centred around patients at every level

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    About Us

    Professor Eugene and his team offers comprehensive private antenatal, delivery and postnatal care as part of The Westminster Suite at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital and Portland Hospital in London. We provide you with quality and affordable service from pregnancy to safe delivery.

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    Westminister Maternity Suite
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    St Thomas’ Hospital,
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